What is Environite?

Answer: Environite is a “green” solid surface material that is a proprietary composite of, epoxies, recycled glass, refractory and other commonly discarded post consumer and post industrial materials.

Is Environite Green?

Answer: Yes, not only is Environite composed of approximately 90% recycled material, Environite is recyclable and is manufactured locally in the Pacific Northwest. Environite will help attain maximum LEED points for your construction project.

Does Environite require a sealer?

Answer: Environite is a non-porous product that does not require sealing.

Is Environite stain resistant?

Answer: Environite is highly stain resistant.

Is Environite heat resistant?

Answer: Even though Environite is heat rated for incidental contact up to 500 F , it is recommended that a trivet be used when placing hot cookware on your Environite counter top.

How do I clean my Environite counter top?

Answer: Mild soap and water is all that is needed. Abrasive cleaners should not be used.

Is Environite durable?

Answer: Very durable and scratch resistant. Environite matches or out performs most counter top products on the market today.

How versatile is Environite?

Answer: Environite can be molded into virtually any size, shape or contour. Environite offers literally hundreds of custom color and aggregate combinations.

What does the Environite warranty cover?

Answer: Environite products are warranted against defects in materials and labor for ten years from date of installation. If the product fails under its intended use – we replace it – period.