Environite™ countertop and solid-surface materials provide a green building option for homeowners throughout North America and around the world. Environite provides a contemporary, sustainable building product using recycled waste materials typically destined for the landfill.

The Environite development philosophy focuses on unique eco-friendly building products that emphasize local sourcing, regional manufacturing and regional sales of a durable product that is not only ecologically friendly but can itself be recycled at the end of its long life cycle. (more…)

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RV Parts

We offer obsolete replacement parts for all National RV units for the years of 2008 and older. We’ve converted all Seaview and Surfside ABS plastic parts to fiberglass. We offer a discount for converting all ABS parts into fiberglass!

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Fiberglass Parts

We can fabricate a wide variety from wakeboard tower speakers to entire amusement park rides, and more! We do all of our tooling and RND in house. We have the capability of Light RTM and Resin Infusion. We can develop any product with customer prints! No Job too large or small. Capability of producing high volume products for companies like National RV, and Jacuzzi Whirl Pool.

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